Patience is Love 

I think most of the time God is soooo patience with me. He is constantly showing me that being stubborn isn’t going to work anymore. Have you ever been told, maybe by a parent to go do something and you say wait a minute or I will get to it. That’s kind of how God feels when we don’t listen the first time. Our parents get disappointed and start losing trust in our words when we don’t jump up to do what they ask. I feel that God kind of does the same thing, He takes a step back….. and back….. and back until He is almost out of the room. I have experienced what it means to be at a crossroad with Jesus. Do you listen and do the right thing or you just turn your head and say maybe another time. I have recently gotten into the habit of saying maybe there won’t be any other time……. maybe this is all you get. 
I have been waiting a long time for things to start picking up in my life, to start moving and changing. It wasn’t until I started feeling that things were holding me back from blossoming into my full potential with Christ. That’s what made me want to start fasting, to start giving up the junk in my life. To say here I am God, use me. 

After really praying now for ten days of wanted to find Gods unconditional Love I think I found it, I think God reveled that He wants us to not only love others but love them the way that Christ Loves the Church. To treat others with high honor even when they don’t deserve it, to show mercy and grace when people do things wrong, to forgive as Jesus has forgiven us. 

Unconditional Love is about loving the person even when you don’t know much about them. Giving every piece of who you are and seeing where it takes you. 
I believe in true love, I know that God has my prince out there waiting for me…. and at the right time he will come. Life as it is now is great but life after prince charming is going to be amazing. But that’s why we have Patience…… Right?

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