Leaving your heart behind

Nobody truly leaves there heart behind when they move on, I could honestly say that’s it end of blog post. But it certainly isn’t true, every time someone breaks your heart, lets you down, or mocks your dreams they are taking a little piece of your heart and if you don’t stand up for your self or fight back you leave a little bit of your heart with that person. The piece of the heart is strong and wasn’t meant to be broken off or shared and now you feel empty and hurt or have the feeling that you are missing something.

The truth is that broken piece can be restored and that sense of loss can be made new, leaving your heart doesn’t have to be a thing when you have a strong God protecting it. I tend to be a person who gives it all or nothing, a person who has so much to offer and when people cut me down and out I might for a minute say “What just happened?” but I get right back up and push on. People can say mean things, they can play with your feelings, your heart. But you know what my strength comes from God the healer and protector of my faith. He has made me whole and through Him I can do all things.

Hearts are powerful tools, they are peoples souls and are descriptions of how people live. Your Heart is what you make out of it, its a reflection of how you  treat people. Leaving your heart behind would be devastating. So don’t leave it behind before letting God transform it and make it new. Maybe this is your first time experiencing a broken heart, maybe you just need a reminder of what a cleansed heart feels like, its never to late to experience that. It’s never to late to experience Gods Love and passion for your life. 

Praying with you, 



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