Valentine’s Day 

This day means so many different things to so many different people. I have to say that as a single girl, I really never got into Valentines Day. Now I must admit that I joke around and poke fun, but I think it hurts more then ever to be single on this day compared to any other random day that has laid before this one. WOW…. What a shocker…..RIGHT.

I look back on my life, kind of wondering what happened…. could I have been more nicer, or less girly, should I have been more into sports. I think every girl does the deep thinking for how to change herself, because you want someone to be a part of your life. 

Not to long ago a friend of mine told me that I was sitting on Gods potters wheel and that was an amazing place to be. She said that this is a vital moment, this is where God shapes you and designs you. Everyone’s vase is shaped differently and has different cuts and markings on them, that’s how God sees us…. That’s how He wants us. I remember the way my friend looked when she said these next few words to me…….. Girl she said, Gods got you on the potters wheel and He has your future husband on there too. And that Man might be feeing and saying the somethings things you are saying and feeling in this very moment. I never once had to tell my friend what I was feeling, it was kind of like she already knew. She told me later on that day that she saw it in my eye’s and the way I was talking to her. Through it all God gave her inspiring words of wisdom that changed my outlook on life. 

I want to remind you that its ok to be sitting right where you are, it ok to be concerned about what tomorrow holds…. that’s what makes you human, but you know what? What makes you Gods child is putting your faith in Him to mold you….. to shape you…. to move you….. to be there for you…… to be in control…. to comfort you.

So this day is about Love, its about Loving Life, ever inch of it. its about serving Love to others, being the salt and light to the world. Its about getting out of your Pajamas and facing today head on. it’s about losing your pity party and enjoying yourself. Its about feeling comfortable being on the potters wheel and learning news things. 

On this day of love, 


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