When The World Looks At You 

I was roaming around last week, just minding my own business when I over heard a mother and her young daughter talking, they had past some of the magazines in the store and the mother turns to her daughter and say’s “you can’t be pretty and smart, you have to choose.” I kind of stood there, in amazement of how a mother would tell her daughter that she would have to choose beauty or brains. I really wanted to turn around and say that there are so many pretty successful women out in the world. And doesn’t beauty come from the inside out, shouldn’t we be teaching young girls that what truly matters is what we think of ourselves. 
This literally broke my heart…..

I grew up knowing that regardless of how I looked, felt and preformed that there was always someone who was going to love me. He laid down His life so I could live more abundantly. His Name is Jesus.

What happened to uplifting our young people, to have them believing that they can do anything? 

I was blessed with parents that showed me love and affection wherever we went…. to the point of embracement. But after today I see why they did that. They wanted me to not only believe I could do anything but understand that regardless of how I portray myself on the outside that its what on the inside that truly matter…. it’s your heart. 

Have you ever heard “what’s in your heart is the key that unlocks who you are?” My parents wanted me to live that, they only wanted me to give out keys to the people who deserved to see my whole heart. 

Jesus is one of these special people who not only gets to see your heart, He gets to manage it. We as humans get to pick things and place them in our hearts dreams, plans, hopes and desires but God is the one who pushes them through to pass. 

When we wear our love out loud, we wear Gods love out loud. 

This young girl today at the store may only hear one way of being successful in life through her mother, but I pray that as she gets older she finds that its not your beauty that matters, its not even how smart you will become it’s about the way your heart is aligned with Christ that truly makes you drop dead gorgeous.


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