Just having one of those day’s

Yesterday was just an ordinary day in the life of a collage student, it was church, homework and working my second job and passion of photography. When it kind of hit me, of how much I do and accomplish within our society. I am working girl, a student who is a semester away from graduating with her BSW and a business owner of Vinita Maigur Photography. I started working for 31 a company that helps empower women through  bags that they carry  all while working part time at a childcare.

BUSY…..BUSy…..BUsy…..Busy.  Boy do I love it that way.

But it came to my attention yesterday while I was doing a photography session that I do all of this stuff and don’t really have anyone to share it with. I felt like yesterday I took the best pictures since I started my business and when I reached for my phone I kind of paused, and in that moment was when I knew that there was no significant other that would pick up on the other line.

It was then that I started praying……

It wasn’t till then that I realized how Gods plan for my life is so much bigger then the desires of my flesh. Yes I get it! We all want someone to be there through the good or the bad, but that’s really not up to us how that person comes into our lives.


You have to be able to trust that there is something better for you in Gods plan for your life, then in your own plan. 

Gods perfect plan doesn’t really have direct answers to those questions until it starts to unfold.
Until that happens for me and my life, I will be waiting and praying that the man that God designed for me is out there and that first he will never lose sight of the love that God has for him, and second he will always know that I  prayed for him even when I didn’t know his name. I can honestly say that right now I look at my life and think if only I had someone to call when exciting things happen to me or if  I was having a rough day. If only I had someone to enjoy a good dinner with and meaningful conversation. But those if only’s can only take you so far before they become all that you think about and idolize about. That is something God doesn’t want you to do. God should be the obsession of your heart not some man of your dreams. Knowing that God is fully in control of that area of my life is what makes these times of heartache and loneliness worth every minute.

Praying for you in every step when finding your love at first sight,



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