Remembering These Moments 

I remember the very moment that I heard Gods Voice for the first time. It was when my parents told me we were moving to South Carolina, I still picture of that day in my mind. I was 15 years old a freshman in high school I loved Jesus with all my heart but I hated (at the time) that my parents were moving us to a place where I have never been. I remember sitting in a chair after youth group at church in the sanctuary after everyone had left praying to stay. I was praying so hard I could hear my heart pondering. All I heard was a sweet soft voice saying Go where I send you. After that moment my prayer shifted to give me wisdom to know where you will lead me.

This all look place 7 years ago, but the memory of that day plays in my mind almost every Sunday. It’s vivid and real every time I think about it. Go where I send you was exactly what God has been doing in my life! He has lead me through some of the most exciting experiences as well as some challenging ones. I wouldn’t change one thing about my journey, it was and will continue to be Gods plan for my life.

God created us to be followers of Him, to let His light shine through us so that others can see His light within us. If I didn’t move to South Carolina or if my parents did not listen to Gods voice, my sister wouldn’t have met her soul mate, I wouldn’t have been a social work major, or met my best friend! Life would have been way different!

Know His voice, listen and be still and remember the moments that He spoke! Because one day you will look back and remember those moments and think what an awesome God we serve and look at His amazing plan!

I continue to trust that wherever He leads me, it’s because He knows what I need and who might need me. This journey that God has you on might be way out of your league but trust that what’s out there for you is right up His ally for you to accomplish!

A teacher once told me that a car is always safe in the garage but that’s not what they were built for. They weren’t manufactured to sit in one spot and neither should life…. We were meant to explore, make accidents and change every year. Gods plan for our lives can be messy, long, exciting and scary all at the same time but at the end of the day it’s worth more then any pair of shoes I own!

So today remember the moments, soak in the memories and be present for what lies ahead of you!

With Joy,



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