A road of reflection

On days like today, I am forced to think of what I do on a daily bases has any purpose, who and what I invest my time, my money and my life in and with. Most of those things have an instant yes but a few took me down a path of reflection! I am honored to live a life that is a daily reminder of Gods grace as well as his many promises and blessings! But today just seemed different, I felt different, I knew something changed in my life over these past few weeks that made me feel older, stronger and wiser!

I was reminded this week constantly that God has me right where He wants me, things could change instantly around me but He has a plan, trusting in Him meant trusting in His plans and His way!

We all get the point of being burned out, over stretched and annoyed. I want you to think about your day at it’s lowest point, the day when nothing seems to matter (believe me we have all been there). Now I want you to think about the best day you have ever had, the thrill that comes from that. Even on my worst lowest moment I would never trade it for anything, because without your lowest you can not have your highest!

I think sometimes we forget that life is never supposed to be a walk in the park and without the bumps and cuts we will never learn from our mistakes. This week taught me a lot about being a person, what it means to feel and how my actions big or small pay a price. The question is are we equipped to pay that price no matter the cost, for me I am still learning that one.

So now do you feel it, your heart beat that thump and rhythm that is your purpose and on days like this that’s all that matters.

Here is to keeping your purpose on track,



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