To A New Adventure

Hello & Welcome

Hello, Its been a while so I thought I would start by saying Hi and welcoming you to my Blog. This has been a long time coming. I started writing a few years a go, as a hobby and it turned out to be something I enjoyed. There is nothing like words on a page that resonate with your soul. Together on these pages we are going to explore so many different realms. I love so many different things and I can not wait to share.

This blog started as what I thought would be finding love or exploring all avenues of love but really it turned into so much more…. finding love can look so different to so many. To me, I thought it would be a person or spiritual love. I have learned that love comes in so many different shapes and sizes, although those things are important. As they should be, The love I want does not just stay with a person or thing I want my life to radiate love… in what I do, in how I act and the things that I share.

This Blog is a lifestyle blog, yes we talk about Love, but we are also going to talk about life. Without both you can’t have either.

I hope you stay the course with me, this has been a long time coming and I am so excited to share.

All that’s left is…. Let’s Go!!


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