When disappointed strikes 

The title says it all! Everyone goes through it but it is definitely how you handle it that makes you stronger. 

I have faced disappointment with my head held high this week and have tried not to let it effect me, but today as I traveled to both my internship and real job I wondered and thought about how much Gods plan for my life is real and tangible. He protects us in ways that we don’t see coming and who knows you might meet people you thought you would never meet because your plan was way to comfortable and Gods plan never is! 

Let me start by saying that when God locks one door He doesn’t do it without opening another one. The plans that He has for my future is so bright! My plan might be broken right now but I have faith and I definitely trust His path.

I found out that I didn’t get into Graduate school at Winthrop. I was upset but you know what, Gods plan for my life might not have been for me to stay in the same spot. I did apply to several graduate programs out of state and online so we shall see. 

When life throws you lemons you throw them right on back! Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough, chances are they need to work on somethings as well. 

If Tangled taught us anything, it would be to step outside of what we feel and live a life of adventure because the greatest reward is finding ourselves in the mist of pain and disappointment! 

Living day to day,



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